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Bea Pataky

2019-02-09 13:54:55 | Profile
THE HIGHEST TIER OF MUSIC:-A Day in the Life (The Beatles)-Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)-Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks)-The Masterplan (Oasis)

Estefanie Silva

2019-01-10 23:10:10 | Profile
This is a great video

Robin Cloud

2018-11-05 22:20:48 | Profile
I love how it is like a drawing, another great oasis song


2018-10-12 21:43:39 | Profile
perfect! Oasis is one of original band from 90is. That was an explosion of that psychodelic brit pop bands- Stone Roses, Ocean Colour Scene, The Wombats, Kula Shaker, The Charlatans, Primal Scream, Supergrass, Blur and Oasis... Good period in music history.

Nicholas Tosoni

2018-10-05 15:22:23 | Profile
Noel is like a good wine better with age


2018-09-26 04:42:45 | Profile
Perhaps THE best Oasis song ever written.

XIII. Loki

2018-09-06 13:27:03 | Profile
Sounds like the chord progression to Stairway To Heaven.


2018-09-02 21:19:14 | Profile
I think that Liam cartoon should have stayed home that day

Hendrix Lsd

2018-09-02 15:46:14 | Profile
Who wishes there was an adult cartoon like this

Kool Skooter

2018-08-22 13:01:30 | Profile
Upper Glanmire disco cork 1996, we are the men. David Greenwood r.I.p

Максат Маратулы

2018-08-21 17:24:11 | Profile
Liam is grade 8 tambourine

Dylan Le Lerre

2018-08-18 19:29:36 | Profile
Masterplan is their best song. Best band from Manchester? No. The Smiths are best band from Manchester. But these things are always subjective. But Oasis have only made two great albums!


2018-08-12 08:32:11 | Profile
In the 90s Oasis produced a few instant karma of songs just like John lennon back in the hippy days so my sons name will be Lennon Mills as a tribute Because we need more in this empty idol world today

Bh Lilo

2018-08-06 13:36:49 | Profile
Liams walk haha brilliant