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Yvonne Mawad

2019-06-04 11:50:08 | Profile
My Father fought in the Armored Infantry of the U.S 68th Armored Infantry Battalion of the U.S 14th Armored Division in the Nightmarish and Terrifying Tank Battle of Hatten and Rittershoffen to leading the Combat Assault on Stalag VIIA in Moosburg, Germany which liberated 110,000 Prisoners of the Germany on April 29, 1945 and This Song reminds me of The Herorism and Gallantry of the Soldiers in World War II from the North and the South and West so long ago...Dan Kneeland, Grafton, Ma.-They should not taken the "Very Best"...Dan Kneeland, Grafton, Ma.

Eliana MC

2018-12-28 21:38:04 | Profile
its a good one for scum haha

Lea Bràu

2018-12-01 06:35:51 | Profile
James Willmus: I am with you !!!

christina koam

2018-10-16 13:04:48 | Profile
Thank God they drove old Dixie down & the klan ! The people were singing Good riddance to all the bigots !!!

Nuclear KoolAid

2018-10-08 12:19:54 | Profile
Everyone is history making...stop kissing rich peoples egos...but love the song and the meaning behind the lyrics


2018-10-04 05:44:11 | Profile
Old dixie is a pos flag and anti-american. anyone who salutes it or stands up for any belief in white european supremacy can take a 1 way ticket back to Europe where they belong.

Doris Pizarro

2018-09-25 21:24:09 | Profile
Love love love her voice

bilal merei

2018-09-17 15:19:18 | Profile
Oh this so great - listen to the words of the song Remember Dixie