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Fifa Series

2018-11-26 11:04:57 | Profile
Those were the best damn good old days!!!!!! I wish those days were still around

Phil Costello

2018-11-13 23:36:21 | Profile
i am a brit but god bless america


2018-10-26 12:22:10 | Profile
One of the best songs ever written!!

Rebecca Sear joe

2018-10-16 19:36:29 | Profile
God bless you Arlo, you are a chip off the old block, you honor your father, Woody and you honor our beautiful country, America. God bless you beautiful people that have commented and related your particular stories, I feel kinship with you. My Mexican grandfather, who was a RR engineer, volunteered to come to Chicago during WWII to help America in the war effort. He always spoke well of his fellow American RR workers, they too had a kinship. God bless America.

Bill Thayer

2018-10-10 21:32:40 | Profile
I took a train out of prison from Jefferson City Mo to St Louis Mo.Its a fuckin game changer in your life.Especially if you are middle aged anyway


2018-10-06 07:24:02 | Profile
Only Steve could have written this.....his masterpiece....


2018-09-23 21:25:04 | Profile
I love this song i rode this train from Chicago to new orleans it was a hreat ride u could smoke and drink on the train been in new orleans since 1996 from boston

Валера Чернуха

2018-09-23 19:51:39 | Profile
He is not that educated. Iffen

Milena Leva

2018-09-22 06:13:20 | Profile
I grew up in a railroading family. As a child, I too failed to recognize the lyrics of this great song. I get it now! Go Big Green!

herbert archer

2018-09-18 09:15:03 | Profile
This song puts me back in the First Truck I ever Drove. & The Girl that I was going to Marrie. She rode with me & as we hit I-65 S. heading back to Mobile. That Morning this come on & it was a VERY SPECIAL TIME & PLACE. I will never forget. I MISS YOU GIRL... I MISS YOU..

Tyler Gavinski

2018-09-18 06:19:25 | Profile
One of the greatest American folksongs.


2018-09-18 00:03:04 | Profile
The Illinois Central Gulf used to run through the middle of the village I grew up in. I miss the sound of the trains. Good song.

Paul WalkerLOL

2018-09-10 22:40:03 | Profile
rode the last AT&SF passenger from KC to Topeka as a 1st grade field trip. I vividly remember the conductor crying.